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Kart Storage

We have space to store your kart.
But only your kart – no extra tyres or extra kart parts. Conditions apply to storing your kart with us.

Before your kart is accepted into storage you must have completed in full our ‘Kart Storage Agreement Form’. (PDF available for you to down load & print) or available at the circuit reception.

Preferred payment method for storage is by standing order.  This is for you to firstly set up with your bank and then provide the circuit with confirmation of this. (PDF available for you to down load & print) or available at the circuit reception.

Please inform reception staff if your kart leaves storage or comes back into storage.

  • A trolley can be stored also, if so, your trolley must be clearly marked and identified as yours please.
  • Safe and secure, monitored 24/7 by CCTV.
  • Why not ask about our servicing/maintenance costs too, that way your kart will always be ready for action.
  • Kart storage is charged at £6 per kart/per week, £24 per kart/per month (costs are inclusive of vat).
  • At race weekends karts may be stored Saturday overnight, ready for Sunday’s meeting for £6 per kart.

Please do not fall behind with your kart storage payments. Conditions that will apply if this happens, “Any kart, where the storage is not paid up after 6 months of payments falling behind, will become the property of Lydd Karting Limited, to pay for your owed storage & administrative costs.”

Be reminded that you have entered into an agreement for storing your kart with us. It is your responsibility to make sure your payments are up to date, and NOT for circuit staff to chase you.

Become a member of LIKC

Why not take advantage of the savings on offer and become a LIKC (Lydd International Kart Club) member?
The annual costs provide excellent value for money for all regular circuit-goers!

Annual membership £60

Garage Space

On race weekends, why not use the workshop to run from.
With no worries of your expensive awning blowing away, and staying dry while you work on your kart.

Price per day is £48 per kart, subject to availability, so book your garage space nice & early.

* Running of engines inside the workshop is strictly forbidden.

* Children are to be monitored at all times, and not left to play in the building.

Work mats are to be used at all times, and rubbish to be removed.

Tyres to be taken with you, do not place in the bins and not to be left on site.

Kart Evenings

Basic Gearing

Kart Storage